Diggia: Our Strategy in Sustainable Investment

We are a global group of companies founded in 2002, committed to developing sustainable and innovative solutions to address the challenges of the future, focusing on ESG goals (environmental, social & governance). Our aim is to become a top 100 company worldwide in reducing CO2 emissions through sustainable innovation.


Within our group, where we prioritize social and environmental well-being, the following companies can be found:

Gamma Solutions

Leading private innovation centres in the development of R&D projects in the Energy, Electric Mobility, and Telecommunications sectors


Gamma Energy We offer engineering solutions in the field of renewable generation, energy efficiency and smart grids.


Gamma Energy Electric vehicle charging operator, we are deploying the largest ultrarapid public charging network in Spain and the UK.

We have developed projects on all 5 continents, with our main markets being Spain, where we were born and have established ourselves as leaders in the sector, and the United Kingdom, where we operate.

Leading change in the fight against climate change

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Gamma Solutions

Innovation Centres:

Innovation Engineering

  • Innovative Charging Solutions
  • Energy Communities
  • Flexibility Management and New Energy Markets
  • Storage Systems and Hybrid Networks
  • Interoperability and Integration of 5G+ Technology
  • Optimization of Private 5G Networks
  • Application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Investment Centres:

  • Research facilities
  • Testing laboratory for charging infrastructure and EVs
  • Prototyping laboratory
  • Electronics, telecommunications, and simulation laboratory
  • Energy and Electric Mobility Living Lab
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Innovation Centres:

Energy Transition

  • Renewable Generation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Smart grids for EVs
  • Mini-grids

Investment Centres:

Energy Assets

  • Renewable Assets
  • Energy Efficiency Assets
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Innovation Centres:

Energy Mobility Services

  • EV recharging services
  • EV Platform + Artificial Intelligence
  • Value Added Services VE

Investment Centres:

EV charging coverage

  • EV charging infrastructure

We contribute to sustainable development with a clear goal for 2030

We have a long track record of over 20 years implementing strategies, operational models, processes, and technologies that have a positive impact on the environment and society worldwide. We strive to make a transformative impact on the world with our goals for the year 2030.

1.000M €

investment in electric vehicles
2019-2024 in Europe.

3 GW

of PV Greenfield

+12 M€

Investment in R&D Projects
between 2022 – 2025

Last News

Our purpose


Reducing CO2 emissions through Sustainable Innovation


Become one of the world’s top 100 companies in emissions reduction

Always global impact

Our goal to reduce CO2 emissions is closely linked to the global impact.

Always focus on you

We work for and with people, putting ourselves in the shoes of all those who are part of our company.

Always innovation

Focusing on innovation and looking for new sustainable solutions to get to the top

Always on

Always connected to contribute to making a better company

Always inspiring

Always inspired to achieve our mission

At Diggia you can develop solutions
that help the planet and people.

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