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Health sector service

At Gamma Health we care about health and we do so through the study and diagnosis of different areas related to molecular biology. Our diagnostic capacity and the quality, certification and traceability of our products make us one of the major partners to be considered for hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare centres. We were born in 2020 from the need to offer to the Public Sector, Companies and the general public a supply channel for Medical Devices and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with quality and fair price guarantees. We have a wide network of partners who help us to reach the final costumer to offer the the best guarantees and the best treatments. In our ecommerce you can find a wide catalogue of products and services to offer solutions related to clinical diagnostics (IVD) and dermocosmetics.

We innovate in the Biotechnology Sector.

The bioroad, the biotech startup incubator, was born in 2021. Our incubator offers a unique development opportunity. Here the startups can be boosted through a personalised support and growth programme with top-level mentors and receive help with the search for funding to accelerate their growth process. It is an exceptional opportunity as it helps to establish collaborations and connections between companies in the sector related to the field of innovation and science.
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