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After more than 20 years as a specialist engineering firm in the deployment of telecommunications networks and the development and integration of mission-critical solutions, Gamma Solutions has shifted its focus to become the Innovation Center for the Diggia Group. With a current portfolio of over €12 million in innovation and development projects, it has positioned itself as a leading private innovation center in the European market.

With a multidisciplinary team of over 20 individuals distributed between the United Kingdom and Spain, we have established an innovation centre to bridge the gap between the results of scientific research and their market entry by private entities. With this results-oriented approach, Gamma serves as an innovation centre for third parties in three industrial sectors and their various technological fields.


We are currently investing in technologies that have the potential to revolutionise the management of energy and energy vectors. Our focus is on ensuring the efficient storage and intelligent management of energy demand, which are two of the major challenges facing the energy industry. We develop solutions and participate in research projects in the energy value chain, focusing on new trends and markets, such as Energy Communities and Flexibility Management, always from the perspective of digitisation and optimisation of energy generation resources and consumption reduction. We want to be part of this transformation, thus invest human and economic resources in shaping our future.


We are involved in the development of proprietary technology applied to the sustainable mobility sector, mainly in two specific areas: charging infrastructure and the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques. We can highlight the joint development of hardware and software for electric vehicle chargers for very specific applications that go beyond market demand, adding extra value to the services offered by Wenea. On the other hand, we develop algorithms and proprietary software for data acquisition, processing, analysis, and visualisation to facilitate strategic decision-making and resource optimisation, involving the implementation of techniques such as computer vision, Big Data, and Deep Learning.


We develop solutions related to telecommunications and 5G infrastructures for a more sustainable world. We can work on the design, construction, and operation of any layer that forms a 5G network. This technology enables us to create reliable and secure communication networks with performance ten times higher in bandwidth, capacity, and device density. We believe that this technology will help drive the digitalisation of society, and we work to ensure that its use adds value to businesses and individuals.

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